The HOPE Student Council is a civics minded group that allows our young adults to function in leadership positions, cooperate in group settings, and practice serving within our community. It also provides opportunities to fellowship with one another in the process. As many as 60 teens have been part of this group from year to year. They are led by an adult couple on the HOPE Executive Committee and have their own elected officers as well. Student Council holds monthly meetings throughout the school year. They are also invovlved in several community service projects at places including the RGV Food Bank, Quinta Mazatlan Bird Refuge, and local charities and churches. Other group activities include fundraisers and social activities such as the  Spring Formal, Talent Show, and Year-end Trip. 


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HOPE YearBook:


Student Council is for all HOPE students ages 12 through highschool.

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Every year, a group of students led by the Student Council Reporter and made up of SC members collaborate to put together a yearbook for all of HOPE. These yearbooks are a wonderful memento of all the wonderful homeschool activities we participate in all year long and with all age groups.