One of our most popular programs, Co-Op happens twice a year during Fall and Spring. Co-Op stands for cooperative, and it truly does take lots of involvement to make it happen. Yet the effort more than pays off, and families who participate find there is something for everyone.
Co-Op is open for all HOPE members and offers programming for children nursery age through high school. Registered students will choose one class per hour according to their ages. These classes are taught by moms or dads, alumni and guest volunteers who choose and plan what they will teach. We offer a mix of opportunities both fun and educational. Past classes have included: Art, World Cultures, American Sign Language, Government, Current Events, Poetry, Team Sports, and preschool Story Time. 
One parent from each family must to be present at all times and will be asked to either teach or assist in one class. When you're not teaching/helping, you can join Parent's Hour. This a special adults only time of fellowship, food, coffee, and a good talk about curriculum, schedules, meals or how to do it all in one day . 

Learning Together

Current Fees:

First Student: $10

Two Students: $15

$20 cap for three or more students

Additionally there is, at times, a fee for specific classes that will be announced at the outset of registration.

These fees are collected on the first day of each semester's Co Op.

Because Co-Op is elective the regular member fees do not aplly. This additional fee goes directly into the Co-Op budget to pay for facilities, classroom supplies and teacher reimbursements. All fees are subject to change.

Did You Know?

HOPE does not have a building - so for Co-Op we rotate between various churches and other local spaces around the RGV to hold our class meetings.