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Oxford Caps

Graduation Ceremonies are typically held at the end of May.

The date and place are chosen by the graduating class.


No milestone is quite as special as graduation. Homeschoolers deserve to celebrate this, too. At H.O.P.E. we make sure this incredible occasion is marked for all of our families. Each spring we host a wonderful graduation ceremony that honors the hard work of the graduate, the sacrifice of the family, and the community that has come together in support of this achievement. It is an event that is truly special for the entire organization, and of course, is one treasured by our graduates and their families for years to come. 

Graduation ceremonies in H.O.P.E. are planned by the graduating class. This means the details are specific to each unique group, making the celebration extra meaningful. It also allows for the senior class to commemorate their accomplishment all year long through special get-togethers, class pictures, and planning sessions.



Everything in HOPE is elective, therefore graduating seniors who wish to participate are asked to pay a fee to contribute to the cost of the ceremony. This fee may vary year to year and some groups may elect to organize fundraisers to increase their available budget.