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HOPE is an organization that works for its members, but also works because of its members. Every program that HOPE offers is 100% run by the efforts of countless volunteers. Our members do far more than just pay dues that allow them to claim they belong. They also work tirelessly so that their children and everybody's children can be served. So members are also teachers, advisors, leaders, mentors, bible study leaders, chaparones, drivers, and cooks. But don't be overwhelemed: as the saying goes, many hands make light work. It's why HOPE is far more than just a group - It's a family. 


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Here are Some of the Ways our Members Serve:

Attend Business Meetings (3x per year)

Serve on the Executive Committee

Serve on a Committee

Teach at CoOp

Chaperone Student Council

Host Mom's Night Out

Mentor New Families

Volunteer for Programs and Socials

Work at the Library

Don't see where you fit? Wish we had something else? Volunteer and make it happen! It's what makes HOPE work!