Home Oriented Private Education (HOPE) for Hidalgo County, Inc. is a Christ centered, biblically sound, homeschool support group located in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) of Texas. We have homeschool families join us from McAllen, Edinburg, Mission, Pharr, Weslaco, Harlingen, and points in between. Through athletic, educational, and social endeavors, HOPE strengthens families in raising men and women who seek God’s heart.
In the state of Texas, home schools have been identified as private schools with all the same rights and privileges if (according to the Texas Education Code) the following legal requirements are met:
  • Parents must be teaching in a bona-fide, good faith manner.
  • Parents must use a written curriculum.
  • Student(s) must study subjects including: reading, spelling, grammar, math, and good citizenship.
When the opportunity arises, HOPE homeschool group offers families the ability to pool or share resources. Finally, HOPE homeschool group provides a network for the flow of vital information between the individual home schooling families, local, state, and national organizations.

Student Council 


Sports (Volleyball, Basketball)

Thanksgiving Banquet 

Spring Formal

Homeschool Co-op activities

Standardized Testing 

Graduation Ceremony 

Moms’ Night Out 


Eta Sigma Alpha Honor Society 

Concurrent Enrollment

Keepers of the Faith 

Our Offerings
Student Council allows our young adults to function in leadership positions, cooperate in group settings, and practice serving within our community while providing opportunities to fellowship with one another in the process. Planning various service projects and doing them as a group is a way of interacting positively with each other and the community. Group activities include monthly meetings, community service projects, fundraisers and social activities including a Spring Formal, Talent Show, and Year-end Trip. All students 12 years old through high school are welcome to participate in HOPE Student Council.

Student Council




Our HOPE library has more than 6,000 trade books and dvds available to check out. Curriculum and manipulatives and science supplies are also available to check out one school year at a time. There is a wide variety of curriculum including Sonlight, Bob Jones, Abeka, Apologia, Saxon, and Progeny Press. Mom volunteers allow the library to be open weekly. Most of the books are cataloged on the computer so the volunteers can help moms find books they need. Also, there is a budget to order new materials each year. Certain items can be requested if necessary. This library is a great resource for our HOPE families!


Co-op happens twice a year during Fall and Spring. We meet (location varies) from 9am to 12 pm every Friday for five weeks.  
The kids have a choice of two classes according to their ages. These classes are taught by moms or dads who plan the classes. Some classes are fun and others educational.
One parent from each family must to be present at all times and will either teach or assist in one class. On the hour when the parent is not teaching/helping, he/she can join the parent's group where there is fellowship, food, coffee, and a good talk about curriculum, schedules, meals or how to do it all in one day . 
There is an affordable fee to participate.  These fees pay for the location and to reimburse the teacher for the cost of the material for the class.

Moms' Night Out

Mom's Night Out is a time for us homeschooling mom's to get together and fellowship. We meet every second and fourth Monday of the month from 6:30 p.m. to about 9 p.m. (sometimes later). It is a time for camaraderie and support, for those who are taking on the tremendous task of privately educating our kids at home. Mom's Night Out is a time to "recharge" for the week and have coffee or a meal. It is a break away from family, and other every day responsibilities, and a moment to encourage each other in our homeschooling journey. 

Eta Sigma Alpha Honor Society

Eta Sigma Alpha is an Honor Society founded by Home Education Partnership of Texas in 1999. It is the premier scholastic Honor Society in the home schooling world. H.O.P.E. for Hidalgo County, Inc. is honored to be a part of this organization as the Zeta Chapter of ESA. Membership in this Honor Society is an opportunity for the home school scholars to be rewarded for their academic achievements. The mission of ESA is to foster integrity in students in the areas of leadership, scholarship and community service.

Keepers of the Faith

Keeper's of the Faith is a girls club whose goal is to minister to our daughters ages 4-11. We started the club as an activity for our daughters who are not Student Council age, yet knowing that they needed a time of fellowship with girls their own age. We set in motion to have a Bible Study time, a hands on craft time,  and a snack time .  All is a parent led activity,  therefore as mothers of daughters,  we also minister to one another with fellowship, and support with the class time.
"Train up a child in the way....when they are old, they will not depart..." 
Proverbs 22:6


P.O. Box 720573

McAllen, TX 78504

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